Holistic Services

Psychic Reading

Helping you make the right choice in life. It is not easy when you are feeling confused & hurt. We understand.

Tarot Reading

The truth can be bitter but better when you are not confused & know where to turn. We will help you gain your inner peace.

Aura Reading

This can help you understand why you are not feeling yourself. Why you have low energy and you need sleep all the time and cannot keep your eyes open.

Remote viewing

Find missing loved ones or ask to look into your lovers heart and what they are thinking.

Palm Reading

The lines on your own hands tell everything about you and where your life is heading. Love, career and fate.


Identify your spirit and tell your future though your own handwriting.

Dream Analysis

Your dreams express what is happening in your physical body and deeper level of God self. I can help you understand your dreams to alleviate fear.

You are the most important person Right Now



Gentle strokes. Great for stress


Working into muscles gently

Deep Tissues

Working on the deeper level of muscles


Hand and Arm Massage

This will help you relieve pain

Face Massage

Removal of stress. Making you feel good


Long strokes, pressure point application. This massage can make you feel so relaxed. Going into another world simply the best


Chinese Massage

Deep Tissue


You can be clothed for this massage. This is done with elbow and knuckles, palms of bands and long arm. Very effective

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